Kim says 3 kids can put a strain on her marriage.

Kim has said in previous interviews that having three children has out a strain on her marriage because men in general need affection too and sometimes the kids seem to get it all.  But she has tried to always include Kanye and make time for "her man".  HIt this link for full story.  But I just saw another article where they claimed the marriage is almost over?  Like what can you believe anymore?  I keep researching and use information from credible sources like E-News or even new channels.  If you look at their current situation from the outside looking in they seem to be at odds about Kanye's recent support for Trump, the TMX interviews.  Like Kim has said on her family's blockbuster reality show "I have a right to my own opinion and that includes posting, I will post what I want.  I have a right to an opinion" or something to that effect.  So wouldn't that include Kanye?  Like doesn't he have a right to an opinion?   I also saw reports that Kanye would like 7 kids!  How about that?  7 Wests running around.  I wish them the best.  To be honest as long as they are happy with each other who are we to judge.  We could only be so lucky to meet someone who accepts are normal and out crazy too!!  LOL!  JK!!!