What alcohol Philly loves to drink.

 It's a long list but Vodka beats them all.  Philly spent over 42 million dollars on Vodka last year.  That's a lot of Vodka!  So I guess if you're thinking about opening a bar then you should have a separate budget just for Vodka.  Ok I'm kidding but it you look at the staggering amount of money Philadelphians spend on Vodka you will definitely need to stock up on the stuff.  I did some research for you and found a video explaining the different Vodka's, what they are made out of etc.  Like did you know Grey Goose comes from wheat or Ciroc os made from fermented grapes?  Interesting.  SHout out to all my CIROC GIRLS!!!   LOL!   Ciroc is the brain child of none other then P Diddy Combs.