What Exactly Is The Shelf Life for Candy?

Whether your little trick-or-treaters scored you an impressive candy haul or you plan to hit up the day-after-Halloween sales to stock up at a discount, you may have a large candy stash on your hands today. And if you plan to eat it all in November, good for you. But just in case that candy lingers into the next month, here’s how long you can enjoy it before it’s past its prime.

  • Chocolate - The shelf life depends on what kind of chocolate it is. Dark will last for a year or two if it’s kept in foil in a cool, dark, and dry place. Milk and white chocolate will last up to 10 months, just store it all away from light and moisture.
  • Hard candy - These things basically last forever, as long as they’re stored properly. Candies like Jolly Ranchers and lollipops will last longest if they’re not exposed to moisture.
  • Caramel, nougat, and candy corn - Caramel and nougats can last for six months to a year when stored at room temperature and kept away from heat and light. Candy corn, that love it or hate it treat, can survive up to nine months if it’s sealed and a few months once it’s opened.
  • Jelly candies - Gummies and such can last for up to a year if they’re not opened, but once they are, they can still be good for six to nine months, according to the National Confectioners Association.

Source: Eater