The real reason Kanye dropped out of politics.

Could this be the real reason Kanye left politics?  Rumor has it that the real reason Kanye decided to leave politics alone is the fact that his music, his sneakers are not selling.   I talked about this on the air the other day.  Ye's new sneaker Yeezy 350 or whatever the latest one is is not "selling out" like his previous sneaker releases.  If you remember people were literally camping out for his sneakers but not this time.  Let's talk music .  His latest album "Yandhi" sold a mere 65 units and with streaming about 250k.  Sounds like a lot but actually for a Kanye West that's a dud.  Then there's ADIDAS.  Apparently for Knaye to keep his deal with the huge sneaker maker he has to do numbers.....big numbers.  Right now it looks like the Yeezy sneaker line is coming to a slow pace.  Out this all together and you have a perfect case of "oh oh we are in trouble".  Kanye needs to get back to dropping hot music in the booth and hot gear in the designer room or else it could be "lights out" for Ye.  One thing we all know is when you're hot you're hot and when you're not you're not.  Right now it seems as though Kanye is luke warm.