This Is The Reason Why You May Still Be Single!

A new poll looked into the reasons why people are single, like why THEY think they are single!

Here are the results: 

When it comes to personality traits, not being outgoing enough is the top reason why both men and women think they are single.  

When it comes to physical traits, men are more likely to say it’s because their abs aren’t toned enough while women are more likely to say it’s because they are too fat.  

The survey also asked people about lying on dates, and it turns out that 66.7% of men have lied, while only 57% of women have. Sexual partners tops the list for both men and women (men 44.6%, women 44.4%) as far as what they lie about!  But for men the second biggest thing they lie about is income (37.5%), but for women it’s their weight (33.3%).

Read the FULL story HERE!  

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