Rules For Finding A Husband In 1958!

This is an interesting story and comparison of how things were back in the 1950's when it came to finding a man!  Kim Marx-Kuczynski from Madison, Wisconsin found a 1958 McCall’s magazine with the article “129 Ways to Get a Husband” at a rummage sale. 

Kim shared the article online! Here are some highlights and it's definitely an interesting read!

Where To Find Him

  • Be friendly to ugly men - handsome is as handsome does
  • Get lost at football games
  • Get a job demonstrating fishing tackle in a sporting goods store

How To Let Him Know You Are There

  • Stumble when you walk into a room that he’s in
  • Make a lot of money
  • Stand in a corner and cry softly. Chances are good that he’ll come over to find out what’s wrong

How To Look Good To Him

  • Practice drinking with your woman friends first
  • Get better looking glasses or try contact lenses
  • Don’t whine - girls who whine stay on the vine!

Click on the full article HERE!  

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