Tamagotchis Are Making A Comeback! Get Ready, 90s Kids!

The full invasion of 90s nostalgia is officially complete. It was announced this week that one of the original classic handheld games for 90s kids, Tamgotchis, were coming back!

They are also back just in time for the holidays, as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more will fully stock new versions of the classic games. There’s also a collection of 16 varieties, including different generation options. 

If you don’t remember, Tamagotchis are small little handheld games (with very low resolution screens, at least back in the day), where you have to monitor the “pet” that you get. It’s almost like a computer version of a Furby, if you will. I *might* just have to pick up one of these to relive those memories!

Check out one of the original commercials for Tamagotchis below:

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