“Friends” is Apparently NOT Leaving Netflix After All!

***** UPDATE *****

So we can all rest easy. Netflix heard the outcry and updated everyone -- the show will NOT be leaving the streaming site in 2019. 

NBC News reports that Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer, said that "it's not leaving in January."


Original article below from December 3rd:

So this is some unfortunate news — probably one of Netflix’s most popular comedies, “Friends”, is leaving the streaming service very, very soon! It appears that once January 1st hits, the show will be off Netflix in the U.S. The reason? Looks like it will be coming to Warner Media’s new streaming service in late 2019 (Warner Bros. owns the rights to “Friends”). 

Suffice to say, people are not happy about it, and Twitter had a lot to say. Check out some of the pretty hilarious reactions below, and make sure you get your binge on before it leaves December 31st!

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