GQ Magazine Names Philly "City of the Year" 2018

All hail, Gritty!

GQ Magazine has done what we already know to be true: named Philadelphia the "City of the Year" for 2018. In the magazine's December issue, you'll also find interviews with Macolm Jenkins, Meek Mill, Larry Krasner, and Cristina Martinez, all Philly famous.

Writer Zach Baron, who penned the two page spread, had this to say about Philly:

“Eagles players became activists, speaking out about the flawed criminal-justice system. Donald Trump disinvited the team from visited the White House out of spite; our mayor, Jim Kenney, then called our president “a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size.” Our recently elected District Attorney, Larry Krasner, is the most progressive D.A. in the entire country. Our restaurants now regularly grace Bon Appétit’s Best New Restaurants list. Will Smith joined Instagram and immediately became incredible at it. You don’t have to sell your plasma or your soul to afford an apartment in the city. It just feels … different in Philadelphia these days. Downright victorious, even."

And of course there is Gritty, who lovably made the spread's picture, clinging on to the Liberty Bell. You can check out the picture & more info here!

And just for fun, enjoy an additional photo of Gritty + the Philly Phanatic.

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