First Baby Born Using Uterus From Deceased Donor

Doctors in Brazil announced that a woman who received a uterus from a deceased donor gave birth to a healthy baby last December. It is the first time, following ten failed attempts by doctors all over the world, that a woman has successfully given birth after receiving a transplant from a deceased donor. 

The 32-year-old woman, who was born without a uterus, became pregnant through in vitro fertilization seven months after the transplant surgery and gave birth through a cesarian section. Doctors also removed her uterus following the birth so the woman would no longer need to receive anti-rejection medications. 

Doctors said the woman and her newborn have not suffered any complications from the birth and are doing great as they prepare to celebrate the baby's first birthday. 

The team of doctors has two more transplants scheduled and believe they can bring hope to women who thought that they could never have kids. 

Photo: Getty Images

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