Miley Cyrus' Storage Unit Broken Into Weeks After Fire Destroys Malibu Home

Miley Cyrus' Storage Unit Broken Into Weeks After Fire Destroys Malibu Home

It seems Miley Cyrus can't catch a break from bad news.

After suffering the loss of her Malibu home to the Woolsey wildfires, the "She's Not Him" singer's storage unit was ransacked. According to TMZ, the crooks broke into Cyrus' repository in San Fernando Valley last night, making off with a few of her valuable guitars, thought to be worth more than $10,000.

No one knows how the criminals gained access into the 26-year-old's unit, but apparently, the thieves got away scot-free and virtually unnoticed when the heist went down, presumably sometime in October.

Per the report, however, Cyrus didn't initially speculate her guitars had been stolen but that someone from her family had "borrowed" them. She only learned this week that her axes were lifted without her knowing. On the bright side, the guitars were the only possessions to be jacked from the entertainer's unit.

As aforementioned, the "Wrecking Ball" star endured a similar misfortune when the California home she shared with fiancé Liam Hemsworth burned down in the uncontrollable blaze that overwhelmed the Malibu region in November.

"I am one of the lucky ones. My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely and that's all that matters right now,” she tweeted in confirming the sad news. “My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family and friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left. Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and L.A. County Sheriff's department!"

Hemsworth later shared a pic (below) of what remained of their home via Instagram.


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