Take An Uber, Get A BOGO Starbucks Coupon All This Week

Can’t really beat this deal, can you? Uber is enticing its customers this week to take a ride on its app by giving them Starbucks in return! Sounds sweet to me!

The two companies have teamed up for their “Week of Cheers”, which goes on until Sunday, December 9th. If you take an Uber trip from now until 12/9, you’ll be emailed a coupon from Starbucks for buy one drink, get one FREE! Starbucks said any size hand handcrafted hot or cold beverage is eligible for the offer. You don’t even have to get two of the same drink — whichever two you pick, the cheaper one will be free. Riders are eligible for one coupon per day and three for the entire week. 

One more asterisk: The coupon is only valid for use on weekdays after 2 p.m. or all day on weekends until December 12th, so once you get the coupon, make sure to use it fast!