A Long-Cancelled TV Network Is Coming Back to Life!

It’s not everyday that you see an entire NETWORK come back to life. Usually, especially these days, we’re typically talking about bringing back a show — but Court TV is changing all of that. Yep, the 24/7 court network is officially coming back to life. The network that brought live coverage like the O.J. Simpson trial will return after nearly 10 years off the air. 

Katz Networks said on Monday that it will “relaunch Court TV as a new round-the-clock network offering gavel-to-gavel trial coverage, on the air and online.”

The network will re-launch in May 2019 and will be available for cable, satellite, over-the-air, and over-the-top carriage. This is going to be pretty great; the network was very addictive back in the day!