Wawa's Secret Menu For The Holidays Has Lots of New Items!

What’s even better than regular Wawa? SECRET Wawa! They’ve unveiled their new secret menu for the holidays and if you’re a mint fan, you’re gonna love it. The new secret menu is called “Mint-er Wonderland” (get it?) and brings a variety of new minty drinks for a limited time.

In the secret menu, you can get a Peppermint Steamer, Peppermint Bark Cream Smoothie, and a Peppermint Hot Chocolate. According to PhillyVoice, all of the drinks also have crushed peppermint candy sprinkled on top!

Definitely go out and try them, and let us know how they are! 

If you're new to the hidden menu, check out the video below to see how it's done!

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