Most People Have Made A New Year's Resolution For Their Pet

While a lot of us made New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives in 2019, apparently a lot of folks were also making resolutions for other members of the family: as in, pets.

A new poll finds that 61% of pet owners made a resolution for their dog or cat, although apparently dogs need a little more help, with half of dog owners making resolutions for their pooch, while only 27% of cat owners made one for their cat. 

And a lot of those resolutions are similar to ones folks make for themselves, with 71% of pet owners seeing the new year as a good time to get their pet healthy. The top resolution is exercising more (56%), followed by:

  • Trying a new activity (49%)
  • Losing weight (49%)
  • Better hygiene (47%)
  • More playtime (44%)

Photo: Getty

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