Study Finds Stay-at-Home Moms Should Earn $160,000 Caring For Their Kids

A new study by reveals that stay-at-home parents would be making quite a bit of money if you were to quantify their role — $162,581 to be exact. The results saw researchers select a “handful of jobs that reflect a day in the life of a mom” and added it al up using the site’s stay-at-home parent Salary Wizard tool. Example “hybrid roles” include bookkeeper, tailor, public school teacher, dietiain, coach, logistics analyst and many more. states that the research is conducted to “honor all the moms out there who work their hardest day-in and day out” and that they’d like to recognize both professional and stay-at-home moms on their unwavering dedication to their families and other responsibilities. 

To all the moms out there, we love and appreciate you!