Gritty Reveals All In New Interview, Including His Wawa Order!

In a new interview with the Washington Post (via email, of course! Duh!), our lovable Flyers mascot, Gritty, offered a glimpse into his day-to-day lifestyle. In terms of his what products he uses for his beard/hair care? He says the question comes up quite often, but says it’s all natural, all the time. As for his BFF, Claude Giroux, he says they write each other "all the time"! 

And the most important question, what is the best Wawa order when Gritty hits up Wawa? Gritty’s answer? “Have you played Wawa Screen Roulette? Eyes closed - tap, tap, tap. Complete order.” Gritty living a wild lifestyle with that one! But now since Gritty has done, we feel like we may have to try it sometime, HA!

Check out Gritty's full interview with the Washington Post HERE!