KFC Announces New Cheetos-Filled Sandwich With Cheetos Sauce

We were wondering when the next great fast food sandwich was going to arrive, and it looks like KFC has answered the call — they are in the process of not only putting out a chicken Cheetos sandwich, but one that also has a Cheetos-flavored SAUCE. Unfortunately, they haven’t delved into making a Flamin’ Hot version, but hopefully that’s on the way too if this is successful (which we expect it definitely to be.)

Unfortunately, it won’t be available in our area, at least initially. As with most of these items, they will be tested in a few key locations first. Those places for right now include Virginia (Roanoke, Richmond), North Carolina (Raleigh, Greensboro), and Georgia (Greenville).

Hopefully though it is successful enough and quickly enough to get to Philly fast. Though, you probably could just get a chicken sandwich from KFC and stuff it with Cheetos for now! Ha!

Check out a pic of what it looks like below!

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