Maybelline's Game Changer: Their New Lipstick Has A Money-Back Guarantee!

Have you ever bought a lipstick with high hopes that it would look good on you, only to try it out for the first time and discover that it really doesn’t? Pretty much all makeup wearers have faced this dilemma before and it’s not a good feeling. I know I HAVE! But Maybelline gets it and they want to make up for all the wasted tubes of lipstick over the years and reward our courage for trying again and again to find the ideal lip shade, so they’re offering a money-back guarantee on their new Made For All Lipstick .

The name really says it all, this new lipstick was tested on more than 50 different women to make sure it looked good on a variety of skin tones. The collection comes in seven shades that are available in matte or satin finishes. So no matter whether you prefer a red or a plum, they should both look good on your lips. And if you don’t like it? You can get your money back by sending in your receipt for a refund. Maybelline may have created a game-changer with this money-back guarantee lipstick!