There Will Only Be One Gas Station Left in Ocean City This Summer

How crazy is this! Ocean City, NJ welcomes tons and tons of visitors every Summer, and with all those visitors, you’d think there would be more than one gas station, but nope — that officially becomes a reality this summer. There will only be ONE station, the Sunoco at 34th Street and West Avenue to fill up on gas. 6ABC reports that all other stations have been “closed, sold, or demolished.”

A local repair shop owner, Don Weisenthal, has been in the town for 50 years, but in April he’s closing up shop when his lease expires because a bank had purchased the land. The gas station on his property stopped operating back in December. There are still gas stations on the mainland including a Wawa in Somers Point, but it will still seem pretty weird to simply have ONE on the Ocean City island, right?