Madonna's Neighbors Are Fed Up With Her Lawsuits

Madonna's Manhattan neighbors are fed up with her “endless litigation” against their apartment building — so they’re asking a judge to force her to cover their $140,000 legal tab! Her neighbors, the residents of Harperley Hall on West 64th Street, say they know she’s rich and famous, but she’s always in litigation, and they're tired of paying.

One of their beefs? The Material Mom sued the co-op in 2016 over a rule that said her children and domestic help could not live in her $7.3 million pad unless she was “in residence” at the time. Madonna argued she couldn’t possibly comply because she’s a “world-renowned recording artist” who is “constantly on world tours” and who “owns many residences around the world.” But a judge wasn’t impressed and tossed the suit in 2017. Madonna has appealed the ruling.

Her neighbors say they know she can afford all of these law suits, but they can't anymore. They want her to compensate them for their lawyer’s fees that they pay, always being in the middle of all of this.

There's no answer from Madonna. She'll probably sue them....

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