Martha Stewart Pots and Pans and Pot

Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart is adding marijuana to her long list of projects she has her hands in. Stewart is expanding her empire by teaming up with cannabis company Canopy Growth to develop a line of Cannabidiol products, also called CBD. While she wants to keep helping humans, her first collaboration will actually cater to animals.

CBD does not get users or their pets high, but has been credited with providing numerous health benefits including pain relief, and also helping to manage anxiety.

Canopy Growth says it's the perfect partnership, and Martha is the obvious choice because of her passion for animals and wellness and her decades of retail experience.

With this partnership, Martha is following in the footsteps of her close friend, collaborator and cannabis lover Snoop Dogg, who has already teamed up with tweed, a Canopy Growth subsidiary, in 2016. I guess it was only a matter of time!

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