'Leaving Neverland': A Controversial Documentary

Last night on HBO it was Part 1, tonight Part 2, of the documentary 'Leaving Neverland.' It's the story of 2 men who claim when they were boys Michael Jackson sexually abused them for years. It was shocking to see it and hear it. 

And now tonight, Oprah Winfrey has 'After Neverland,' on HBO and her network OWN, where she also talks to the two accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Oprah says she knows she will take a lot of heat for airing this and continuing the talk about sexual abuse and what happens to the survivors. Winfrey will be joined on stage by Robson and Safechuck and by director Dan Reed for a talk that "mixes tears, stories of horror, and a series of final cathartic hugs."

Even though they have not seen the documentary and don't plan to, Michael Jackson's family, specifically his brothers, are defending the King of Pop and say these men are just after money. Although Robson and Safechuck took no money to tell their story in the film, they are suing the Michael Jackson estate for millions, while the Jackson family is suing HBO for 200 million for airing the documentary. Many took to Twitter to defend Michael, but you have to see it for yourself to make up your mind..The Michael Jackson estate has taken one last swipe at the documentary by releasing a concert film on YouTube the exact length of the first part of the film.