What's Up With Colton The Bachelor?

Last night on "The Bachelor"....what's going on with this guy??

Colton and the last three ladies went to Portugal to stay in the Fantasy suites (and you know what usually happens there). Well, it didn’t happen. Colton remains a virgin. Colton's favorite girl, who he claims to be in love with, who he claims is the one, is Cassie. After her father showed up (in Portugal?!) and warned her against taking the plunge when she wasn't sure, because he never gave Colton his blessing for their marriage..Cassie split. Yes, she was out of there before she and Colton even got to the Fantasy Suite! Now Colton DID spend the night with Tayshia, but he remains a virgin. What? Yes, it's true. He didn't even get to have his date with contestant Hannah G. In the end, Colton was so distraught when Cassie left he had a meltdown. He jumped a fence and ran away!  What??? I say keep running Colton. Next Monday night March 11th, it's the finale of "The Bachelor". Can you wait for it?