DiCaprio and Pitt...Retouched?

Leonardo DiCaprio shared, on Instagram, a new movie poster pic of himself and co-star Brad Pitt from an upcoming Quentin Tarantino film titled "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood."  Despite the enthusiasm many fans on social media had for the movie, some users thought DiCaprio and Pitt were heavily retouched, and Pitt looked photoshopped. (At 44 and 55, respectively, think they look great!). Another on social media quipped that Pitt’s face looked as if it were pasted on Matthew McConaughey’s body. Sony Pictures insisted DiCaprio and Pitt didn’t request the touch-ups. What do you think?

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” hits theaters this July. The movie follows a Western actor and his stunt double during 1969, the year of the Manson murders in Los Angeles.