Wendy Williams' Truth and Trouble

Talk show host Wendy Williams revealed a big secret on her show yesterday, that she is living in a Sober House. Through tears, she talked about her struggles with cocaine in the past, and said she never went to a place to get treatment.  Only her husband Kevin Hunter knew about this, but she says she wanted to reveal her "truth" to her audience. Williams says she returns to the sober facility after work and personal activities. She said lights go out at 10pm, she stares at the ceiling, she falls asleep. She then wakes up and goes to her glamorous TV job each day. Wendy admitted she also attends meetings all around town, driven by her 24 hour sober coach.  The former radio host just took a two-month hiatus from her show, she said it was to treat her Graves' disease.

There is even more troublesome news for Wendy and her show, as a 60 year old white woman who walks with a cane is accusing the Wendy show of discrimination. The woman, who took a bus and two trains to from the Bronx with friends, wanted to attend a taping of the Wendy show. The fan says she arrived early, and was turned away from the taping after a staffer looked at her and her two friends, then said in her headset she was taking the tickets from the "old people". She did just that, giving the tickets to 3 younger African-American girls. Then Diane Stevens, the woman in question, was escorted from the building. Stevens says it's ageism and racism.