Reese's Announces TWO New Peanut Butter Cup Flavors!

What’s your favorite part of a Reese’s peanut butter cup? No matter whether it’s the sweet chocolate or the slightly salty peanut butter filling you’re a fan of, there’s a new Reese’s cup made just for you. The candy company is coming out with two new limited-edition varieties of the beloved treat sure to please both camps.

The “Chocolate Lovers” is made with a higher proportion of rich milk chocolate and a thicker chocolate shell, while the “Peanut Butter Lovers” is filled with even more of that peanut buttery goodness and the top layer of the chocolate coating is replaced with a peanut butter candy shell, but the bottom stays chocolate, so you still get that Reese’s taste. Both lovers options will be available starting in mid-April, but grab them when you see them because they’re only around for a limited time.