Tracy Morgan's 2 Million Dollar Ride Gets Smashed

Just an hour after comedian Tracy Morgan bought a new 2 million dollar Bugatti in Manhattan yesterday, a New Jersey driver in a cheap Honda smacked into his luxury ride.

Morgan tweeted: “Thanks for any concern but I am totally fine. My NEW CAR? We shall see. Love you all." He did freak out and holler at the woman right after the crash. He was pounding on her window and said: "B----, get out of the car!" Needless, to say, that scared the woman, who has since said she was traumatized and didn't get out of the car. She didn't recognize Morgan either, who was in that horrific limo crash with a Walmart truck a few years back and almost lost his life. While he said his hip hurt and he sat briefly in back of an ambulance, he got a ride home in another car. Later his publicist said he's fine and in no pain.

Several witnesses blamed the other driver, who had New Jersey plates, but the woman was not charged, according to police. Someone said she was on her phone. And while she didn't seem to know who she crashed in to, or who crashed into her, whatever the case may be,everybody else around did, taking pictures and video with their cellphones. Someone's car insurance is going up.....