Here's Why Prince William Is Facing Backlash For His Father's Day Tribute

Trooping The Colour 2019

Prince William is facing backlash for Kensington's Palace's Father's Day tribute on Instagram. Despite sharing two sweet photos with quite a simple caption, social media trolls somehow managed to be offended by the holiday post. Here's why.

The first issue the detractors had with Kensington Palace's post was that only Prince Louis appeared in the tribute. "[Kensington Palace] made no effort at all in making this post. Where are pictures of him with his two other children?" one person wrote. "Why is only one son pictured with Prince William?" another added.


Followers also complained that the post honors William's father without mention Kate Middleton's father. While this appears to be about William's experience with the holiday, the Kensington Palace account is also Kate's official social media page. "And what about Papa Middleton?" somebody commented. "Apparently Kate doesn't have a dad and William only has one child," another chimed in.

Finally, some followers were agitated that Kensington Palace chose to acknowledge Father's Day when they didn't post about Mother's Day this year. "It’s strange that there was no post for Mother’s Day...maybe there’ll be one next year. Perhaps they were too busy with the brothers splitting their Instagram accounts?" one person wrote. Another asked: "Why nothing for Mother’s Day but posting for Father’s Day?"

William and Kate likely don't run their official Instagram account, so, there's no need for trolls to come for them in the comments, especially on what's supposed to be a happy occasion.

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