New Study Proves Dogs Can Charm Us With Their Eyes!

Ah...the 'puppy dog eyes' trick, If you've ever loved a dog, you know they can look at you and melt your heart. A new study by the National Academy of Sciences of the USA has found dogs evolved new facial muscles specifically to tug at your heartstrings over the course of thousands of years of domestication.

Unlike wolves, dogs have a muscle responsible for raising the inner eyebrow "specifically for facial communication with humans." So while it's now been confirmed by research, we lovers of dogs knew this already, didn't we?

Researchers said: "The movement makes the eyes appear bigger, hence more infant-like and potentially more appealing to humans, This inner brow raise also resembles a facial movement humans produce when they are sad, potentially eliciting a nurturing response from humans."

Researchers studied the facial muscles of four wolves and two dogs and found the domestic dogs all had the eyebrow-raising muscle, the anguli oculi medialis muscle, while the wolves either didn't have it or that it was much less developed.

It's doggy evolution, and dog lovers can't be too surprised with this news about their canine friends.

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