SJP Says A Big Actor Bugged Her Bad

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker recently revealed in an interview that a prominent co-star sexually harassed her to the point that she called her agent to make him stop. She said it was just recently that many of these experiences came back to haunt her. In one instance, the man was more powerful than her.... so she didn’t say anything at first, and really regrets it now. She finally put a stop to it when he joked about her body and made inappropriate comments about “what people thought they could talk him into doing to her.” That's when SJP sought help from her agent, who stepped in without hesitation to call out “the instigator” and other involved parties by noting they were violating contract terms.  The agent warned that if the harassing behavior didn't doesn’t stop he would send Miss Parker a one way ticket out of where she was shooting and she would not return. Sarah Jessica said that within hours, everything had changed, and the big star backed off. You can't help but wonder who this big star was.....???