Meghan Markle Gets Mom-Shamed Over How She Holds Archie

We told you before that Meghan Markle stepped out with baby Archie to root for Prince Harry at a charity polo match. The event marked Archie’s first public appearance, and Royal watchers are already mom-shaming Meghan over it.

You would think that people would be happy about Meghan stepping out with Archie, since some fans were complaining the couple has been too protective of their son. But much like Meghan was criticized for how she held her baby bump while she was pregnant, she’s now taking heat for how she looked “uncomfortable” holding Archie at the event.

But not everyone is complaining. Some fans have come to her defense, once again pointing out that she’s a new mom and might feel a little protective of her first child. “Poor Meghan can’t even hold baby Archie without ‘the perfect mums’ coming out and criticizing her,” writes Twitter user Abbie.