Rogue Fan Uses Tarp As Slip N' Slide During Phillies Game Wednesday Night

Last night was pretty rough for the Phils - they lost again to the Dodgers in a 7-2 matchup that also had a rain delay due to the storms. Luckily, despite the bad loss, everyone in the stadium got a nice laugh when a random guy from the crowd jumped onto the field and decided to use the tarp as his own personal slip n slide!

He did get a few in, but of course, security jumped right into place, and NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark reports that he was handcuffed and subsequently taken away. He notes, of course, that even if you’re only jumping onto the field and have some fun in the rain and be harmless, you’ll still be arrested, of course. Probably not a great idea to run away from security either!

Check out the video below!