Macy's Pulls Plates With 'Mom Jeans' And 'Skinny Jeans' Portion Sizes

Macy’s announced this week that they are officially stopping sales of ‘novelty plates’ they’ve been selling that feature different portion sizes including “mom jeans” and “skinny jeans” after backlash ensued. The retailer said they apologized “for missing the mark on this product.” Users on social media complained that the portion sizes on the plates were designed to body-shame people.

The company added, “after reviewing the complaint, we quickly removed the plates, which were only in our Macy’s location in Herald Square in New York City.”

The plates were originally called out by a CBS science correspondent who spotted the items. The plates also have other portion sizes including “favorite jeans”, “food coma”, and “foodie.”

They are still available as of now on the manufacturer’s website, while the company that produces the plates said they weren’t mean to offend, but meant “to be a lighthearted take on the important issue of portion control.”

What do you think?

Photo: Macy's

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