Father Dies Trying To Rescue 11-Year Old Son From Drowning In Atlantic City

A tragic story in Atlantic City today — a 59-year old Reading, PA man drowned in Atlantic City, New Jersey this morning while trying to rescue his 11-year old son from drowning.

The incident happened this morning around 9:30am, when there was subsequent efforts to try and rescue the man who was trying to rescue his son. There was actually a man with a yellow board trying to get the father, and then more people tried jumping into the ocean to help him save him. Unfortunately, police say that by the time they arrived, the man was already underwater. They attempted CPR, but to no avail. The man was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, where he passed away.

The young 11-year old son did manage to survive, however, making to the beach by himself. He was treated at the hospital, and has no further physical injuries. The incident happened right before lifeguards went on duty at 10am.

May the man rest in peace and we keep his family and friends in our thoughts.

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