"90210" Cast Brought Together By Luke Perry's Death

The death of Luke Perry at just 52 years old from a stroke drew the cast of the iconic show "Beverly Hills 90210" together like a magnet, says one of the show's stars, Jennie Garth. Perry died last March, and Tori Spelling says the cast was together when it happened. Spelling, who plays Donna Martin, revealed this at a recent talk about the reboot "BH90210". The show will follow the same cast as "heightened versions" of their real life selves. Spelling says they all just wanted to be together and only talk to each other after the bad news. She says even their families and friends outside of '90210' couldn't understand this.

Perry was not going to be a part of the reboot, that's due to his commitment to the CW show "Riverdale". But the 90210 "kids" mourned him just the same. The reboot of this iconic show starts tonight on Fox. Check out the new open right here!