Britney Loves To Go To Target

Britney Spears may be worth 60 million, but she loves a good bargain, and makes a lot of trips to her favorite store.... Target! Britney had $400,000 in expenses last year, which includes money she spent during 80 trips to Target between July and October of 2018. She also shops at Home Depot and Ralph’s Grocery Store, as well as Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pier 1 Imports, making many trips to all and spending just over $66,000. Britney says she's just like us, taking her sons to Disneyland, spendng time with with boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who she gushes over on Instagram.

Brit's biggest yearly expense is her conservators and case management advisors, which get over $1 million a year, with $128,000 specifically going to her dad Jamie, who still watches over her money.

Oh, and she did spend $70,000 on travel last year.