Here Are The Signs Of A Bad Restaurant, According To Twitter

How do you know if the restaurant you’re in isn’t so great?@HashtagRoundup asked people for #SignsOfABadRestaurant and these are some of the most hilarious answers. Proceed with caution next time you dine out. We’re not sure how many of these have actually happened, but it’s still fun to look at!

  • “You ask the waitress what she recommends and she says ‘leaving’.”
  • “The staff refuses their free meal each shift.”
  • When the Chinese restaurant menu lists both chicken and “real chicken” as options.
  • “The rice on your sushi is moving.”
  • “The head chef is a microwave.”
  • “You ask for clean utensils and the waiter tells you that’s an extra charge.”
  • “The entire place smells like hot dogs … and they don’t serve hot dogs.”
  • “A sushi place with a pizza oven.”
  • “Ordering fish and chips and finding Nemo.”
  • “There’s a barf bag attached to each menu.”
  • Gordon Ramsey turns up with a film crew.”

Source: BuzzFeed

Photo: Getty

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