GMA's Lara Spencer In Hot Water Over Prince George Ballet Comments

“Good Morning America” co-host Lara Spencer is in hot water over a comment she made about Prince George’s school curriculum. On Thursday’s episode of the show, Spencer mocked that ballet was on the list of activities.

Prince William says George absolutely loves ballet – I have news for you: we’ll see how long that lasts,” she quipped at the time. The comment may have gotten some laughs from her co-hosts and the audience, but online, fans weren’t pleased, accusing her of bullying. She’s also taken some heat from the dance community, who she’s apparently apologized to in light of the backlash.

“So You Think You Can Dance” star and Emmy-winning choreographer Travis Wall posted a video on Instagram calling her out for the comment, using the hashtags “#BoysDanceToo”... and it turns out the post got her attention. Taking to his Instagram story over the weekend, Wall revealed that Spencer called him up personally to apologize. Check out Spencer’s original comments below.

Lara has since apologized for the comment.

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