Wendy's Launching New Breakfast Menu Nationwide

We’re surprised it took this long, but hey, better late than never — Wendy’s announced today that they’re going to launch their breakfast menu nationwide next year in 2020. They’ll be even hiring 20,000 new workers to support the new menu.

Some of the items will include the Breakfast Baconator, the Frosty-ccino, and the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

If you remember, this isn’t the first time they’ve done breakfast, but it’s certainly been a while. They tried rolling it out in the mid 80’s, but at that point the items took too long to make so they discontinued it after a few years. Wendy’s expects to give more info on October 11th, but check out a pic below of what the choices may look like.

Photo: Wendy's

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