If Your Pet Sleeps With You, You're Not Alone!

It’s no secret that pet owners love their pets like family, and for a lot of people, that means allowing their dog or cat to jump into bed with them at night. 

A new British poll from SWNS Digital, which could easily translate here in the US, finds…

  • Two thirds of pet owners allow their pets in bed with them at night.
  • 30% say they do it because they feel safer with their dog or cat in bed with them.
  • 27% say lying next to their pet makes them fell less alone.
  • 37% like the warmth from their pets’ bodies. 

Now where that cat or dog sleeps on the bed will depend on your animal. Turns out there are 10 common sleeping positions that animals take. Which one does your best friend take? They include (in order of popularity):

  • The Faithful– The most common sleeping situation, where the pet sleeps at the foot of the bed by the owners’ feet.
  • The Knee Nuzzle– Nestles in the bend of your legs as you lie in the fetal position.
  • The Donut Divider– Curls up in a ball between your legs.
  • The Wall– In between you and your partner.
  • The Pillow Bandit– Takes over the entire pillow.
  • The Under-Cover Lover– Under the blanket.
  • The Cuddle Bug– Cuddles you in the crook of your arm.
  • The Sneak– Inches further up the bed to get closer to your head.
  • The Superhero– Sprawls out on their belly next to you.
  • The Octopus- In the morning your pet is sprawled out in the middle of the bed and you're right on the edge.

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