Anna Faris Reveals That She And Her Family Almost Died On Thanksgiving

Anna Faris' recent Thanksgiving celebration prompted even more gratitude from the actress, considering that she and her family had a carbon monoxide poisoning scare.

As per her Friday (November 29) message on Twitter, which is now circulating on the blogosphere, and an accompanying press release, the actress 43, rented a vacation home in Lake Tahoe, California, only to find several of her house guest complaining of sickness. Initially, the group of 13 cited potential altitude sickness as the reason for their shift in health, but it was something far more severe, as per the North Tahoe Fire Protection District. Turns out, the home had more than six times the recommended carbon monoxide levels even with the windows and doors open for ventilation. Two family members were transported to a local hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning as the residence did not have alarms installed. First responders said that the group was "lucky to be alive."

"I’m not quite sure how to express gratitude to the north Lake Tahoe fire department ... we were saved from carbon monoxide ... it’s a stupidly dramatic story but I’m feeling very fortunate," she told her almost 500,000 followers on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, Fire Chief Mike Schwartz also shared gratitude for what could have been a "holiday disaster." "Situational awareness is so important. Whether you are at home or traveling, it is important ensure that smoke and CO alarms are in working order anywhere you stay," he said in a statement. "It’s not a bad idea to consider bringing your own alarm when you travel, just to be safe."

If you want more Anna Faris, make sure you listen to her recent episode of her "Anna Faris Is Unqualified" podcast. Her most recent installment featured a special appearance from Kat Von D.

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