Disney Is Opening A 'Ratatouille' Ride In Epcot Next Summer

It's finally happening: Ratatouille is getting its own attraction at Walt Disney World! The Florida-based resort is set to open next summer in Epcot and, TBH, the preview photos look like so much fun. Here's everything you need to know about the new family-friendly ride.

The ride, of course, is based on the beloved Pixar film Ratatouille. If you've never seen the animated movie for some reason, here's a quick recap:

Remy dreams of becoming a great chef, despite being a rat in a definitely rodent-phobic profession. He moves to Paris to follow his dream, and with the help of hapless garbage boy Linguini he puts his culinary skills to the test in the kitchen but he has to stay in hiding at the same time, with hilarious consequences.

Ratatouille debuted back in 2007, so, the ride is a long time coming. This new Epcot attraction is based on a similar ride over in Disneyland Paris, which has been operational for a few years now. Few details are known about the U.S. version of the ride, however, guests will be riding around Chef Gusteau’s kitchen floor on special trackless ride vehicles that are shaped like rats. They're way cuter than they sound, though, don't worry.

There's no exact date for the big opening yet, but Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is sure to be a can't miss attraction this summer in Disney World.

Photo: Getty