Who Will Be The Greatest Of All Time? It's Prime Time Jeopardy!

The battle continues between the three contestants who have won the most on "Jeopardy", the popular game show. Alex Trebek, is hosting the prime time event on 6ABC, hanging in there despite his battle with pancreatic cancer. The Washington Post reports that a few celebrities appeared in the second game like Jimmy Kimmel, showing up in a video clue about his love of fly-fishing at a Montana River...what river? "What is Gallatin"? was the answer, and no one got it right! Glenn Close also gave a clue about chromosomes, and James got the answer, "What is a genome?"

To recap, Ken Jennings won the first match (actually 2 games in an hour), James Holzhauer won the second, and Jeopardy James is in the lead with points, while Brad Rutter, the guy who won the most money ever on the show, finds himself in a distant third. Rutter couldn't even play Final Jeopardy last night because his score was down to zero!.

The match continues tonight and next Tuesday through Friday, if necessary. To win the tournament, a player must be victorious on three separate nights. As a long time "Jeopardy" watcher and pretty good player at home (Yes, I often get Final Jeopardy from the comfort of my living room) I must say, the categories and questions are much more difficult, and rightfully so, as these three contestants are so full of knowledge about everything!