The Greatest Of All Time! The Show Biz Buzz for Wed, Jan 15th

The answer is:The greatest “Jeopardy!” player of all time. The question: Who is Ken Jennings?

Last night the 45-year-old Washington state native claimed the GOAT title and $1 million dollars with his third victory in four matches in ABC's "Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time" tournament.

The singer Meatloaf has filed a lawsuit against a Hyatt Regency hotel at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and organizers of a horror convention held there, blaming them for negligence when he fell from a stage while answering questions from convention goers last May.

The Duchess Meghan Markle remains in Canada with baby Archie and is waiting for Prince Harry to join her after his summit with the royals and a rugby event tomorrow….the Queen, of course, gave her blessing to Harry and Meghan to step back from their royal duties. So what has she been up to in Canada?

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