Philly's 'Worst Cooks In America Contestant' Makes Beef Alfredo..Yuk!

Michael him Mike Jones, thinks he can cook...but no, he can't! I talked to him about competing on The Food Network's "Worst Cooks In America", Sunday nights at 9 on The Food Network . To qualify to compete on this show hosted and coached by Chefs Alton Brown and Anne Burrell, you have to be a lousy cook, and audition for it. Mike told me about his 'beef alfredo', made with hot dogs and chocolate, and it sounds just awful, perfect for this show! One of the competitors will win the $25,000 prize at the end of the 10 episodes, where a contestant is eliminated each week. Mike came into the studio and we had a great chat about his cooking prowess (or lack of it!). Click below to hear it all.

And by the way, foodies, the Food Network wants you to know they have a free app called Food Network Kitchen. With this app you can take cooking classes, check out recipes and much more food oriented stuff.