Will Wendy Williams Get The Boot? The Show Biz Buzz For Fri, Jan 17th

Talk show host Wendy Williams is in hot water…….this time for making fun of Joaquin Phoenix and his apparent cleft lip.She did it on her show by pulling her lip up with her finger and mocking the lip while her audience laughed.  Now 30 thousand people have signed a petition to get her fired!

Kylie Jenner, billionaire make-up mogul, has applied for trademarks, one of them Kylie Com. Is she going to have her own convention with all of her products including make-up, clothing and so much more? Meanwhile, her brother in law Kanye West is building a bunker at his home in Wyoming big enough for he and his wife Kim K and his 4 kids, just in case he need it, I guess.

And look for Philly native Michael Jones-Betters, aka Mike Jones, on the Food Network Sunday nights at 9 as he competes on Worst Cooks in America. Click below to hear his awful recipe for something he calls Beef Alfredo with chocolate....yuk! No wonder he's on this 10 episode show vying to win the grand prize of 25 thousand dollars!

Click below on me to hear all the details on the Show Biz Buzz.

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