Alicia Keys Gets Candid During Interview, Wants to "Fly off the Handle!"

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Billboard x Amex Impact Brunch

KOST 103.5’s Ellen K caught up with Alicia Keys during a special interview in Los Angeles ahead of this years, 62nd annual Grammy Awards. Both women are contributing to this years powerful team, making the historic award show happen with Alicia hosting and Ellen K as the show narrator. The two discuss a range of issues including Alicias new grasp on mental health, being constant people pleasers, life as mothers, working with Oprah and what to expect from Alicia’s performance this year.

The award show is the first stop of the year for the “Girl on Fire” singer who is set to release her 7th studio album, ALICIA, in March. The ensuing North American tour is set to provide, “a special multi-media, artistic experience… A mediation on love and life, the show will be a true celebration, filled with magnetic energy that only live music can create,” the press release states.

While in studio, the songstress repeatedly declared her gratitude for life and her commitment to happiness.

“I very much want to bring people good energy because I feel like that’s what we need,” she easily preambled the interview. Fitting words, considering Ellen K is host of the KOST 103.5 morning show whose motto is to “Feel Good.”

When complimented by Ellen K on her ability to host a show from the heart, Alicia added that she can quickly pick up on the energy around her.

“I’m definitely an emotional being for sure and I really feed off of peoples energy," she declared. "I can right away get a sense of people’s energy and I’ve always been that way since I was a little girl. So I just trust it and I feel it.”

Definitely a bonus to have when entertaining millions of people. Unfortunately, fans expecting to see Alicia give a follow-up to her 2019 Grammy performance with two pianos may just need to hold off until her tour later this year. However, those who wait will be welcomed with a different side of the singer.

“This album is called ALICIA and I really have been much more focused on understanding the different sides to myself and I think that there’s - for all of us, we have so many different parts of us that make us who we are. For me, I’ve noticed that certain parts are easier for me to express than others. I’ve really been asking myself ‘why?’ … How can I get to know the sides of myself that I don’t often express? For me, I’m very good at calming the energy down. I’m not very good at losing my sh*t.

Yet, the melodic singer admitted that she is more than ready to let go and fly a bit. Her new music explores a side of her that we have yet to see.

“I think that sometimes we compress ourselves, usually to make other people comfortable and that is a lot of what this music is about. Like all of these different sides.”

In addition to ALICIA, the artist is also set to release her upcoming memoir, More Myself: A Journey. The book, a release under Oprah’s new imprint, classifies itself as part autobiographical, part narrative documentary. Readers should expect to glimpse inside the artists path of self-discovery from girlhood to present day. More of the energy from her upcoming album is also expected, as a running theme for her 2020 is to get comfortable losing her sh*t a bit more.

Still, however, mental health is a priority for Keys who now understands that it’s okay to take a break.

“I always thought I had to go until the wheels fell off,” Alicia told Ellen K.

“I really had a difficult time understanding. It wasn’t until later that I realized I’m actually more productive when I take time for myself. In my career, in my business, and in my creativity, I have more capacity to handle it when I’ve chosen to take care of myself too.”

Make sure you catch both Alicia Keys and Ellen K at this years 62nd annual Grammy Awards! Check out the full interview below!

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