Wendy Williams Insensitivity Brings Her Instagram Fan Page Down

Wendy Williams fans are not happy, and her longest-running fan page on Instagram is going on hiatus as the talk show host finds herself enmeshed in controversy.

Last week, Williams was forced to apologize after saying on air that gay men should “stop wearing our skirts and heels.” She already mocked Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix for his apparent cleft lip. Now, Williams appeared to joke about the death of Drew Carey’s ex-fiancée Amie Harwick, who died from a balcony fall, and was allegedly pushed by another ex boyfriend, and not drew Carey. That ex boyfriend has been arrested in connection with Harwick's murder.

So what did Wendy do? She used a reference to “The Price Is Right.” Williams tossed off Carey's show catch phrase "Come on down!" And she looked over and down, as if following an object as it fell to the ground, apparently referencing the fatal fall by Harwick. It was not nice, and her audience was not pleased. On social media, some called for Williams to be fired over her repeated gaffes and insults. Some said they cannot support her comments any longer. Some defended her. And that fan page? This week the page posted a picture of Wendy and wrote: "We love you Wendy, but we will be taking a break from this page."