Cindy Crawford's Kids Are A Mess!!

This story is about rich kids of famous parents. This week I talked about Steven Spielberg’s 23 year old daughter announcing her porn career. Today, ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford is worried about her 20 year old son, and hoping a professional therapist can help Presley Berger. Presley recently got himself a face tattoo that reads 'misunderstood'.He also posted a video that showed him shooting a gun at a range with the caption: 'Innocent little me before all the horrid tattoos... y’all know nothing. #waketfup

There’s more. His 18 year old sister Kaia Berger posted a selfie of herself topless on Instagram to show off her tattoos. Check out the sideway pose here. It seems these kids are looking for attention. Good luck to them and their famous parents.